PIETA closes the space between performer and passive viewer and shifts performance from the white box to unique locations of reverence such as churches and community centers, echoing a spiritual or royal encounter. By combining group meditation with activism and durational art, I create an immersive urban futurist ritual of momentary healing. Conflating a royal archetype, a DJ, a church, a gospel choir and police sirens I am attempting to demonstrate the paradoxes of justice that plague our community.

Artist Statement
The work I make isn’t exactly for everyone. Or maybe it is. Maybe it’s just the idea that the “everyone” that I’m talking about is not the “everyone” that is counted as important. Maybe its because I’ve made work about the folks we don’t see… the chambermaids in hotels or the inner city mother of three that is thrown in a tizzy because she can’t seem to get a cab for her and her kids.

I have built my artistic career by creating works that investigate notions of otherness as a Latina in the US. Starting from personal experiences, I set out to dissect aspects of my heritage from varying points of entry- from within my own family, home, neighborhood, intersecting Latino cultures. These investigations in turn, became larger studies on otherness as a whole in American culture